The Ristow Family at their former home in Bastrop in early 2011.

Our family has been asked countless times to tell our personal story in regard to the wildfires that destroyed our home and everything in it, as well as those of over 1600 other families and individuals in Bastrop.  As an effort to share some of our family’s journey through this disaster we’ve started this blog.  Beginning with the day we evacuated and continuing on through the ensuing days, weeks and months that have followed we will be sharing various aspects of our journey as a family.

Some of you may learn something from our story, perhaps some might even be touched by it.  But our greatest hope, however, is that somewhere, someone reading our story might see the grace of Christ reflected through our lives, even in the midst of the chaos and disaster that has become known as the Bastrop Complex Fire.

Our family is grateful to everyone who has given so much to us throughout the months, whether it be time, resources, gifts, money, donations, prayers or friendship and a shoulder to lean on. We have been blessed by you, one and all.

Currently the Ristow’s are living in a rental home in south Austin while they continue clean-up at their property in Bastrop and decide where they will next call home.


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