Work Day – Volunteers Needed

WHEN:  Saturday, May 19, 2012  •  8 AM – 2 PM

WHERE:  Ristow family property in Bastrop (directions to be provided)

WHO:  All willing & able volunteers

WHAT:  Cutting & hauling dead pine trees, branches & debris

We’re hosting another work day and we could really use your help.  All willing and able volunteers are welcome to help us with clean-up at our property in Bastrop, which was destroyed in the 2011 wildfires, on Saturday, May 19, 2012, beginning at 8 am.

We have an estimated 100 pine trees, 30-35 cedar trees, and 1 lone oak tree still standing on our Bastrop property, all dead.  There are also about 20 “stubs” left of pine trees that were severed during the fire.  The goal is to begin cutting down and clearing as many of the dead trees as possible (with the exception of the oak tree, which will remain standing for now).   Obviously we’re not going to attempt all 100+ trees on that day.  But we would like to get the ground debris, pine tree “stubs”, small cedar trees and some of the pines that have the greatest threat of falling cut down and cleared, if possible, that day.

Some of the dead trees that need to come down can be seen in this recent photo of our property.

We need chainsaws, chainsaw operators, wheelbarrows or carts for hauling, and volunteers to haul the debris.  Once the trees have been felled and cut up into smaller manageable pieces we will need volunteers to help haul the debris – that is trunks, branches and the like – to the right of way at the rear of our property where it will be stacked in piles.

We have a few extra pairs of gloves but it is recommended that all volunteers bring gloves and work boots.  Shorts probably aren’t ideal since we’ll be working with sharp tree branches.  Depending upon the weather that day wearing hats or applying sunblock may be in order.  Lots of water, some snacks, and lunch will be provided by the Ristows.

One of my friends from college, and fellow Concordia alum – Erica – has already contacted me about gathering a group of adults and youth from her church who want to volunteer to help out.  She really helped me get the ball rolling on scheduling this latest work day.  Thank you Erica!

But I also wanted to open the work day up to anyone else wanting to come and help out as well.  I’ve had several friends ask about helping out again.  The more people we get the faster we get it all done.  Come on out and help if you can.

I’ve also been in touch with my next-door neighbor, Daniel, to see if he needed any help on his property that day as well.  He said “Yes!” and was grateful for the offer of additional assistance.  Daniel is much further along with the clearing on his property (he and his wife are planning on rebuilding) but does have some additional trees to cut down and other work that I know he would be grateful to have a helping hand with.  If we get enough people I may involve some of my other neighbors as well who may need similar assistance.

If you are interested in volunteering and can help us out on May 19, please contact me and let me know who and how many.  I’ll get you directions to our property.  You can email me at

Thanks to each and every one of you for considering our request!  Thank you to all who have already helped us out in so ways over the past 7 months as well.  Each of you are a blessing to our family.  God Bless!


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