Lost & Found: Film at Eleven

Here is another selection of photos of items that we lost in the fire but found semi-intact afterward.  Rather than these being a study in futility, I find them kind of interesting views into how the fire re-shaped these items into their own unique form of art.  They are no longer functional tools but have become their own storied objects frozen in time, reminding me of some of the things that were transformed beneath the sea long after the Titanic went down.   I’m planning on taking more “artsy” photos of these objects later for a book I’m working on about our fire story.  But, for now, these will have to suffice.

Film at Eleven (one of many old family home movies that were lost).


Wedding Tiara (Tracy wore this at our wedding).


Sliding Mitre Square Tool (handed down from my Dad).

Fused coin collection remnants




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