Lost & Found

Experience anew the gift of hope...

I’ve been meaning to start a semi-regular feature sharing about some of the items that we lost in the fire and then found having survived afterward.  Obviously “survived” is a relative term here.  Nothing really survived intact or undamaged.  The only exception is the blue ceramic cross.  Otherwise everything else we found was either singed, burned, charred, melted or corroded by the fire in some way, shape or form.  Still, its interesting to see what we did find and how they ended up looking after the fire.

I decided to start out with the very last items I found this past week while finishing up the brick clearing.  In all likelihood, now that the primary house debris cleanup is wrapped (that is the metal, ash and brick debris), these were the last significant items that will be found.

The first was a light bulb, melted and twisted a bit but still relatively intact.  Its interesting just to see how heat shaped the glass but yet it never broke, unlike nearly every other piece of glass in the house.  I’m not sure why as I’m not even sure what this bulb was from anymore.

Not far away from the bulb was a portion of a Christmas card that had once been stored in a box in our garage.  The only surviving part of it was the inside of the card with the words, “experience anew the gift of Hope sent that silent night so long ago”.

It seems fitting that the very first thing we found when we returned to the property was the blue “Blessed” cross, and the very last thing I found this week, seven months later, was this scrap of a card proclaiming that same message of Christ.  I continue to be humbled by His presence each and every day and these “lost and found” items are gentle reminders of that.


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